About Us

ClassicThai Resturant

Classic Thai adopts the slow, honest food philosophy by being dedicated and having integrity to the staggering and complex flavours of Classic Royal Thai Cuisine in every rendition of the cuisine.

Sadly too often Thai food is compromised and watered down, producing a dim reflection of its amazing flavour combinations. This is often due to lack of Thai culinary knowledge, laziness, cost cutting and incorrect palate assumptions. Along with a number of other Thai restaurants we strive to safeguard Thai Culinary Heritage.

We do not just meet your needs, we anticipate them. Your wishes meet our skills. Inspired by the elegant yet vibrant food of Royal Thai Cuisine we promise to tantalize the senses with our ever evolving menu..

Classic Thai always remains new and exciting. When it comes to flavour whilst we do have a theme of heat, we don’t agree with super spicy but rather we opt for complexity and rounded richness of flavour.

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